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Poem - by some unknown Kiwi

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1 Poem - by some unknown Kiwi on Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:47 pm

Hey everyone

I wanted to share this poem here as i think its really beautiful - it speaks loud to me, hope you enjoy it too and may find something in it for yourself..

Is There An Answer?

You ask - "Is there really no answer?
To the fury and frenzy of life"
You ask - "Was it nature's intention:
That man be committed to strife?"

While in nature there's only perfection;
And harmony in everything I see!
These things come to me when I ponder,
And ask myself, "Could it be me?"

For nowhere, and no one I know of
Has the answer that satisfies me;
They quote chapter and verse from the Bible
But they're words - and word cant set you free.

It's the message accepted by the masses;
In obedience to blind conformity;
The same dead end street of religion;
And it certainly hasn't satisfied me.

If you think for yourself your a drifter;
You're a menace to society, and the norm;
For you might just become so enlightened;
That you'll see through subservience and form.

You'll see through the guile and the vanity;
Through false prophets who manipulate mankind;
As they usher their flocks to destruction;
By controlling their squirrel cage mind.

For what great man was not his own thinker?
Bound not - by tradition or decree;
But a seeker of truthful convictions;
In a spectrum of thought, flowing free.

When you've travelled this world's every city;
And you've traversed each ocean - each tide;
When you've searched all the earth for the answers;
That you'll find at your own fireside.

Not the answers you'll find in great sermons;
Nor from pulpits of pomp and of might;
But that beautiful small voice of your conscience;
That follows you - as day follows night.

That voice that some call - intuition;
That voice - that can rule - like a rod;
A voice that can cry in the wilderness;
That voice - that to me -is my God.

It's the same voice that spoke to Elijah;
To Daniel, and David and Isaiah;
The same voice that spoke to the Patriarchs;
And to Moses - from out of the fire.

You can sit in the halls of Carnegie;
Or Westminster's grandiose pride;
But you'll never find peace and contentment;
Like the peace of yourself - found inside.

For is life only passion and performance?
Just a machoist urge to walk tall?
Just a frenzy of mortal ambition;
Which to nature - means nothing at all.

For nature is no respector of persons;
Of its systems - ambitions or goals
It cares not for the pride and the ego;
And sees only - the elevation of Souls.

In nature there's purpose and meaning:
It is ruthless - yet just in its cause;
It has given us life - and life's sustenance;
And asks only - obedience to its laws.

We are really unworthy inheritors;
Of a million past ages and plan;
In which Nature, and God's greatest effort;
Was to fashion - the perfection of man.

Mankind given right of dominion;
Exalted - to rule over all;
Given mind and a concious awareness;
Unlimited expansion -its call.

That's the call that I feel as I ponder!
If there's failure in life -could it be?
My failure to measure up to my maker;
As I ask myself "Could it be me?"

For where is the kernal of reality?
When we're stripped of that mask and facade?
When we stand face to face with our maker;
Face to face - with the game that we've played.

When you count up your dollars of endeavour;
Those dollars that measure your whole;
Those coffers stuffed full of those banknotes;
At the cost - of a shallow, empty Soul.

For there's no way in life to buy happiness;
It's a word that the world does not know;
It lies hidden in life's unknown secrets;
It lies buried - 'neath the debt that we owe.

There's a prophecy - found in the Pyramid;
It's written in that Bible of stone;
It says simply, "I stand indestructible,"
So mankind must stand also - Alone.

Alone - without crutch or institution;
Alone - in a realm yet to be;
In a higher dimension of glory;
That's the answer - that satisfies me.

I love these words........


Mauri Ora ( Many blessings )


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2 Re: Poem - by some unknown Kiwi on Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:21 pm


That was a very nice poem. Thank's for sharing Smile

The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer. - Edward R. Murrow
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