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The Ego

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1 The Ego on Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:43 pm

The Ego is that of the physical. All the things you can feel, see, touch, experience are that of the ego. Ego is 'perception' (a commonly used word in spirituality), so let me break it down.

Perception is that of individuality. Literally, what you see through your own eyes. Your eyes interpret the images and you can consciously think and mentally portray whatever it is you see. You are observing reality and experiencing it internally. Your perception is outwards- though it can be turned inwards, for the most part, experiencing life is experiencing what is technically outside of you and processing it internally. This is Ego.

From the seed of life comes and individual, heart and brain and all. They think from the moment they leave the womb because they are experiencing as are you and I. Experience brings thought, emotion, feeling, everything mental you can name. Your experiences shape YOU. Without experience, there would be nothing to think about.. There would be eternal silence. The true nature of all things. The stillness of the universe. I cannot speak for the higher vibrations in that sense. But, what I do know is that Humans are only human because they experience. Perception is experience. Everything is experience. I don't know if it is possible to stop experiencing.

Though, it is wise to remember that experiencing happens to nothing or no one. You become aware of the experience and process it internally. Just like reality! So, in short, reality and perception are the same thing.

Life is experience. Being human is only part of that. Now that we know that ever waking moment we are alive, we are experiencing, how does the Ego come in to play?

Our experiences are meaningful to us. We put meaning in them, on varying degrees from moving to a new location to losing a loved one. Our experiences shape us. Our individuality. Our identity. And, what we experience contributes to how we think- our EGO. Our ego is, simply how we think based on our experiences which leads us to our self-given identity. It does not matter why or when or who, it is just how we think. The ability to think cognitively is ego. There is nothing wrong with it, contrary to some beliefs. Of course this is only my own understanding so it's merely an opinion none the less. Since thinking comes from the brain.. That is where the ego resides as well. One could call it an illusion to truth but I think it is a tool for learning.

How could you learn from the very blockade in your path? It takes one's experience to learn.

Some also say the ego is all the one fears. No.. I do not believe so, for if the ego is all that one fears, then what is all that one loves? Their true selves? I do not think that makes sense. ALL parts of us are just that, US. We cannot change our experiences. It is what makes us who we are. So we must come to love ourselves for it and move on.. Pave our own way. There is no bars on the heart. The heart is inner truth, yes, I believe this. But I also believe we can still choose whatever we damn will. Free will. If you can love yourself then there is not one path, but there are many. Which one do you choose? For I believe it is something deeper than the heart that one can use to go along their path.. Choice is the true teacher.

The heart becomes the healer. And the world goes on.

Your experiences shape you into an original, individual person. We are all walking Egos. But we are all connected beyond our formed physical bodies. Connecting with each other on that level is an amazing experience. To go beyond the physical, out of the mental, and into the truth of what is.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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