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And so she came to me

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1 And so she came to me on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:28 pm

So great the weight of truth,
Our existance equates to be,
The weight lay upon my shoulders,
And so she came to me.

Meeting once more was certain,
The reasons to me unknown,
With awareness of self subdued,
To me a light was shown.

Out upon the veranda we sat,
With our glasses of wine,
Her presence in mind I thought,
So heavenly, divine.

A moment in pause she stares at me,
Those deep brown eyes of prophecy,
Foreseeing realisations in waiting.

The truth she sees,
Such clarity,
With ease,
Hallmarks for a soul of knowing.

We lay there after in a restless night,
Her company I shared with delight,
And there, soft words were spoken.

"How could it be" she said to me,
"Your soul, it suffers so needlessly?"
After some time I then replied,
"By the universe I am mystified."

"The suffering of others pains me greatly,
The sadness of ignorance,
And humanities safety."

A soul she called so wise, so old,
Regardless to him more truths were told.

"To understand the universe,
You must first understand yourself,"
Neglected for so long had I,
My temple's state of health.

Her healing hands she placed on me,
"Who's IS all that energy?"
An accumulation through time it seems,
The sorrows of anothers whims.

"Return it now" then she said,
For sickness is where the energy lead.
"Do not take on anothers plight,
As their soul no longer will stay and fight."

In the grace with which it was given,
Gratitude beyond measure I paid,
At peace my soul so felt,
My sleep was not delayed.

So soon had she arrived,
In the morning she would leave,
An angel sent to guide me,
My life I could retreive.

"And so the boy king shall learn",
My guides they said to me,
"Her name is the Light of Truth"
And that I do decree.

So fortunate was I,
How blessed could I be,
The time had come to end this road,
And so she came to me.

I have never met your equal.

Forever the novice, God is my judge.

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2 Angel Poem on Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:27 am

Hi Monk

That truly is one of the most beautiful poems i have read....just beautiful

Thankyou for sharing it with us - thats some Angel Smile


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