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The Meeting

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1 The Meeting on Fri May 06, 2011 6:02 pm

The Meeting (A poem about the deep feelings I have for someone.)

I'd like to say,
it was brought upon us, our meeting
though i cant say for sure.
It was an open window
which blew me away, my sensitive surroundings
and their simple groundings.

But you are more than simple
much more than i could say
with all the words in my head,
and all the sun that creates the day.
I'm blowing in the wind
to wherever I'm going,
catch me if you can;
but i do believe I've been caught in your wing.

Did i plan this?
not at all, but my simple desire
created something almost seemingly made of fire
a burning desert full of feeling
and a difficult path,
coincidentally, not of my meaning.

But when i beg, i forfeit choosing
But its far from losing;
when we met, i knew,
it was what i wanted, what you wanted,
our responsibility.
The life we've created.
I wish i could be sedated, the feelings drive me
to insanity and subtlety
of meanings i can barely comprehend.

Will from your heart;
you will see it paint your future.
Through doubt and apathy
it's the test of reality.

Will you run to your love?
or will you run from adversity?

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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