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first real OBE..

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1 first real OBE.. on Thu May 19, 2011 7:03 am

I stayed home from school today. Mentally and physically, I wasn't feeling up for the day. I had a lot on my mind, a lot of confusion and mental aching, so I decided to stay home. It happens. It was 5 am so I stayed up for a little bit.. But I realized that I just wanted to go back to sleep before long. OBEs always happen on days like this but it wasn't even on my mind. I kept the TV and the light on, and I fell asleep on my side.. I ended up in an array of dreams, but before long, I was in sleep paralysis. It was very extreme at this time.

My heart was beating slow, and it hurt. I assumed this was my heart chakra disconnecting, as some pain is assosciated with it at times. In the sleep paralysis, I stayed calm and did not try to open my eyes, or struggle- I've had enough experience with this to understand what would happen if I did. In between sleep paralysis and dreaming (It almost seemed like an overlapping thought), I remember a man, sort of bald with glasses like Freud almost- tutoring me, and teaching me, and watching me as I was doing this. I can't quite remember what he was saying but I knew he was helping. In the midst of the sleep paralysis, I kept saying... "Spirit guides, help me out! Help me get out of here, help help help- oh forget it" (I get very annoyed with them, lol) The sleep paralysis came in waves- every few seconds would be the dive, like being sucked into a void, and that's when you have to take the initiative to get out of your body. I kept missing the dive and so when I asked for help, I heard voices.. And a green orb suddenly appeared, like a metronome, and moved back and forth between my eyes, which initiated the dive and literally helped me out of my body. How I did this was, literally, move my feeling out of my leg. Just move like you normally would- your body is asleep and will stay there. Strangely enough, when I left my body I didn't see it on my bed- so for a moment I thought I had really gotten up off the bed, but I didn't. Just an illusion. The first time I got out, I went straight up to my ceiling with powerful force and nose dived right into my guitar and felt like I broke my face in half, my bottom lip felt slip in half. No pain, but I sat there knowing I screwed up and before I knew it, boom, back into sleep paralysis.

The second time was easier, and spirits helped me as well- One girl spirit, I heard her voice, said "Wait, I'll pull you out" or something along those lines. The green orb was still swaying behind my eyes. The second time I got out, it was for real this time. I had trouble getting my eyesite on track, but after a few tries, I did. I remember- I ran right out of my room (it didn't feel like I was walking or running, just moving) and right THROUGH my door. In my mind, I remember myself going, HOLY CRAP IT WORKS! Then I dove out of my front porch and flew momentarily. It was hard to stay in flight and I crashed quite a few times. I flew way over to the field in front of my apartment building, and it ended there.

Bam, sleep paralysis. The third time I knew exactly what to do.. But it was mixed up, and I could tell I was going to wake up soon. I spoke the the bald man a last time, said thanks or something. All I remember is that he acknowledged he helped. After that, I got to the field again, but this time I was having sex with some guy.. And woah, it's true what they say about sex in the astral plane. It's something I've always wanted to do, so maybe that's why I was there because I finally realized I could do it, LOL It was quite an incredible experience anyway. I've never woken up with such gratitude for my guides, who I constantly disbelieve in and refuse to talk to them.

This was an amazing experience, and I am a skeptic whose perspective has been changed. By the way, did you know that you don't swallow when you're sleeping? I clearly remember trying to swallow in sleep paralysis, but saliva just went down my throat without any assistance. Weird.

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