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TLDR - The pendulum stays

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1 TLDR - The pendulum stays on Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:00 am

2012. A year held by consideration within the minds of us all for thousands of years as is known to us, many thousands more in truth. Ebbs and flows, toos and frows, the pendulum swings, the pendulum slows. Cycles, within cycles, within cycles all in time come to a close.

This is not a poem but a reflection of what occurs to mind when I consider the evolutionary stage at which we have enevitably found ourselves along a path of revelation, insight and ultimately of realisation. Set out as we did when we partook of the fruits of the tree of life to realise the magnitude of the phenomena we term so simply as god. A far reaching expression to near infinity of our very own devine nature, ushered as we are by the intruicate perfection, and of sorts elemental nature or progression of that most pure and natural chemistry. Governed by the great laws as some would say, an observation of the consistancies found therein and given reference in name for us all to percieve more readily a way for our ascent to unfold. A considerable undertaking as anyone of knowing may indeed agree but a loose conjecture in the same instance if it were not the observations of those far greater than ourselves.

These words I understand are an attempt in vain to describe my perception of the ultimate, but a digression worth making I believe.

This year, of all years, is the culmination of those many cycles, like a vast compendium of events which amassed as they are, create the tapestry of life into which we are all woven and have our being. The great cosmic dance of the ages. Without too much fluff or woohoo, purpose is on the minds of the masses, be it known to them or not and a choice is being made.Accompanied, as always, by proceeding forces the signs for which, according to my own observation are all around, almost inescapably so. For example, conserning the slowly maturing art of astrology, about which truly so little is known, there are at least three planets visible in the night sky at the time of writing in the northern hemisphere alone, and have been now for the past 4 weeks. This physical representation being, as always on the earth plane, the last point of manifestation of such forces initiated an unimaginable length of time before its occurance. It's occurance however is now.

On a macrocosmic level viewing only the exoteric world stage, a great momentum has been slowly and most evidently incresing. So much has happened and yet so much more shall come to pass. Even within our own lives such expressions of those forces are readily identified, so readily in fact, it requires no further explination.

The world to my mind took a big step forward this year and will continue to do so before it is finished. This to me has always been a promising prospect. The old calling has come about and for each of us a choice has been presented.

For many years I have observed even the most revered go chasing after shadows for little more than a fleeting desire to expand ones knowledge. I want to speak to my guides, so I go in search of anything which looks like it may be the way. I want to OBE, I want to cruise along in my little Merkaba, I want to learn astrology, oow the Kundalini must take a look at that... etc.. etc...

These people are always returned to the place where they first took that detour, after expending great deal of effort in search of fascinating but otherwise largely useless information, the type of which is far beyond their station. I say their station, but I include myself very definately in that same category, these subjects each in their magnificence and complexity are far beyond the station of almost all of us. If this were not so, it would be common knowledge would it not?

On these subjects I could write a great deal from just the limited knowledge I have, not that I have the time to endulge such things or would even entertain the idea for fear of producing an incomplete version of the reality conserning each. Needless to say tho, each is worthy of study but certainly not at this time. I know that I write at the risk of people thrusting points as to why their currently chosen field is worth persuit, but to my mind the only and so very much needed practice of value is healing. To me this detour is like casually reading scriptures when the library is on fire. Our time here is precious indeed as are our efforts, and the dowsing of these flames is what I wish to convey would be the appropriate action.

Ones purpose can be found in reflection and contemplation of ones current incarnation, ones current past since the time of birth if you will. Meditation I would reccommend to you, a review of ones decisions in life and more importantly the circumstances of ones current predicament and how these decisions have lead you to this very place. How those decisions have honed and crafted the person you have become and ultimately how these skills and insights may best serve humanity as a whole in the ever present future. Tread carefully I say to you and in small, managable advances because in so doing, things enevitably come up. Be strong dear friends but sensible, know well the time for respite and take on no more than you can handle. Eternity is a long time. In this sense I would always say, 'be responsible with your energies'. This statement is very deep, and if carefully considered will reveal much to you.

Wisdom does not come with age but with experience, wisdom being the application of knowledge, a knowledge unique to each of you and of equally applicable value.

I have heard it said, that no one man alone can change the world, but each man does. Some to what may seem a greater degree than another, such as perhaps, the great leaders we read about in historical records, but the effects of a mans actions are rarely seen in their entirety. One would have to pervey the sum of time itself to be aware of such things. 'What we do in life echoes an eternity', I'm quite sure you've heard that one before.

As is said in so many spheres these days, the impact of the individual is always superseeded by a collective effort. This quite literally is the order of the day. At this time it is clear that we must work together to achive the goals so many hold within their hearts, to me in fact, this is and has always been the only way. Quite naturally people will gravitate toward this eventuality, it is the will of the absolute and as already briefly outlined this can clearly be seen both in macro and microcosmic events.

With purpose intact and the will to move forward, how is this accomplished? It's always the same is it not? The old commentary is always the best. 'Love thy neighbour as thyself', sounds simple doesn't it? 'Love thy neighbour as thy neighbour is thyself' but how many truly realise this?

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