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about energy and essence. In the right place this time

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Energy and essence

I have been asked to say a few words on the subject of essence and energy. Although many of u may have different views on this, this is what i have found in my experiences:
It is no way a definitive guide but may help you understand this a little more.

What is essence?

Essence is the basis of all things including energy. One cannot exist without the other, If u break down energy into its basic form you have essence. Essence comes from the source and is changed into energy. All spirits are made up of essence and energy Essence is the basis but the form is energy. Essence is all around us but like energy it cannot be seen,smelt,touched,heard or tasted as we would understand it as mankind

So what is energy or where does it come from?

Energy is the higher form of essence. It is created by all living things from essence. Energy is the metamorphosis of essence. It is emitted by everything and everyone. When u look at an aura you are seeing the energy pattern. Like essence it cannot be seen, heard, tasted, touched or smelt as we understand it. But like essence it can be seen if u know what to look for. What some people know as chakras is actually openings for energy to be emitted. All living things pull in essence and convert it into energy which is then emitted. When u do healing etc u are sending energy which is taken in through the energy points and then converted into essence which sustains the spirit.

What about energy working I hear u cry?

Well if u break it down to its simplest form then energy working is basically manipulation of the higher form of essence. So in fact u are using essence to do your work only in a higher form. It doesn’t matter whether u are healing or sending energy. In actual fact u are in essence working with essence only in the form of energy.

Now I do realise that many will not agree with this as they only see energy as the be all and end of all of everything. In reality it is not, yet if that is how they comprehend this then that is their way. It is neither right or wrong. It is their belief.

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Hmmm, interesting perspective. I can see how energy could have an essence.
Thanks for sharing

The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer. - Edward R. Murrow
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