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3D Reality, In My Own Perspective

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1 3D Reality, In My Own Perspective on Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:45 pm

On this vibration, I don't believe we know what true depth is, or volume. Only the illusion that our eyes give us.

I often feel like (at this vibration) that everything is bright and constantly moving, but it seems like it's depth has been removed almost. It's like I'm walking around in a flat portrait. I've noticed that everything is a shape.. Everything in this world has a dense, rigid form. The formlessness can not seem to come into plausible existence here (as we know it of course), or come into physicality on this vibration. I think we've adapted to this reality, so the average person doesn't wonder about it.

I hate to revert back to math here.. But take a square and put in a few lines- it gives it depth, to the naked eye. It gives the illusion that something on a flat plane has achieved depth, where it does not, the illusion has shown that to be true. I think this is true for this reality. The illusion of something that gives a very straitlaced impression of depth. On other (higher) vibrations, I think depth and volume are further revealed to be something much more than what we experience them to be.

So, in short, look around you. Everything has a shape and form. It is logical. It coexists with our understanding of math and equations. Everything is a shape, a geometrical shape, that this plane is made up of. On a flat plane. The illusion of depth.

I remember having so call spiritual experiences beyond my perception at the time, and I would lose my focus on my surroundings. It's all colors and energy, but it became inexplicably flat. I would lose, on a very subtle level, depth perception.. It is really hard to explain. But it is what brings me to write these very words.

I have to keep restating this, for some reason. We exist on a flat plane, given the illusion of depth. Down to every last molecule and atom, it is a shape. Something we can perceive and look at and understand as being there. We do not, nor should we (in my opinion) try to understand the formless... Not yet at least.

These are just my observations as my so called vibrations have risen. I guess my perception has changed due to how the vibrations, my awareness, my spiritual 'level' or whatever on wishes to call it (for I lack a good term) have affected my physical self. There is so much to be desired in what is not understood. It takes the breath of our so called reality away, and fills the lungs with something new. I don't think it's possible to go back.. Not that I really want to.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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