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consciousness diagram

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1 consciousness diagram on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:02 pm

Don't be scared off by this new age mumbo jumbo. I didn't necessarily mean for my idea of consciousness to come out this way, but in the midst of drawing cubes and prisms, it all seemed to come together. It was very strange. Shocked

Anyway, let me explain what this means (in my humble opinion of course.)

We begin at the source- the natural flow of life. The continuous experience of everything. The flowing energy through the body and soul. The All That Is. The universe, the everything.

Now, I have just recently been opened to the idea of consciousness subjectively experiencing itself, which I do not totally resonate with at this moment, but it came out the way it did. The plane of existence merely symbolizes the living nature of all things, the BEING of all things that are aware in the universe and beyond- above and below all dimension and vibrational levels. As you can see, (though I have not marked), the point of the triangle grows narrower towards the source. I believe this symbolizes higher vibrations, as opposed to the base, which is the lower vibrations.

Now moving on to individuality. The perception area is split into a grid, representing separation (in symbolism, of course) of one into many. This is referring to us. We are separated only by this perception that we have. But all connected through the very lines of the symbol, for example.

Now we move on to where WE as humans are, the Ego. The base of self perception- the I am this, I am that. What we are experiencing OURSELVES as. In that ego there are the limitations (though I don't really feel that is an accurate term) of the physical reality. In these physical walls, and with our self perception, we experience reality as a singular mind.. But we are oh so connected, it is not even funny.

This symbol just seemed to come out of me. I believe it is 'new age' and that not everyone will agree with it, and that's fine. But, if you disagree, I'd like to see what other ideas there are out there. Surely mine is only a small piece to the puzzle.

In short, we are all that is and are all connected through the continuous flow of life- but, we all experience it in different ways with different minds. This is your life and mine. The feeling of separation and individuality is our human experience, the experience of the Self (in my opinion). But.. If you're open to it.. You can certainly feel the bond that we all have to each other, which is the very connection everything else.

It makes life more enjoyable. And reveals some very interesting things about ourselves and the outside world, all which bring us closer to that which we feel so far from. It opens up the heart and lets you be a true human.. Not a programmed one.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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