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At home in the far away, the far away of the East

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Some pictures of my journey in India...

Thus far I have been pleasantly surprised by the welcoming, hospitable nature given freely by the peoples of this nation.

The kindness and chivalry experienced here is a far cry from the uneducated perceptions and prejudice which exists within the collective consciousness of Great Britain. These people are honest, hard working and have an approach toward life which is family orientated.

They spend their evenings in the parks, allowing time for nature and the appreciation of the simple things they have in life. Standing testament to their attitude is the scarcity of television, computer games, alcohol and the greater numbers of the population being vegetarian.

Having now been to this place and experiencing it first hand it is clear to me that many a leaf could be taken from the old book of the east.

And so, I introduce to you Delhi...

Old Delhi, rich in classic Indian culture, cycle rickshaws, hindu cows, temples, mosques and the long reaching arm of the Golden Arches (a.k.a Mc Donnalds).

My good friend Asif. I heard Batman is taking care of Delhi these days but it's good to know that Superman is still around (even if he is a bit out of shape).

Jamia Masjid, this is a huge mosque complex in Old Deli. It is possible to get into the top of those watch towers, you have to climb up a seemingly endless, winding, cold, dark straircase. At the top after you have recovered it reveals Delhi, a never ending plateu of buildings all the way to the horizon as far as the eye can see.

The square, there were many Muslims here taking photos of this place because it is a major place of worship and is visited from all over the world like a kind of Islamic pilgrimage.

Ah these two bold as brass they were, "Hello, hello, my friend ! My friend, come, take our picture"

Two of the grounds keepers at the previous home of Indira Gandhi. It has been turned into a type of museum which has news paper cuttings of her achievements in the halls, different medals and historical references. The rest of the house has been kept the same as the fateful day she left for the last time. I was impressed by the modesty with which she lived, and stood for ages looking in at the library where she spent those lonely nights trying to resovle peace for her nation.

The great India Gate. Is that a pine cone I see, looks like the one I saw in the Vatican... what could be the significance of that I wonder ? And the structure itself looks remarkably like the Arc de Triomphe I saw in Paris doesnt it ? hmmm...

Everybody likes this picture, Indian mother with her little girl in the back ground taken beside the great gate.

The presidential palace, on the hill over looking the India gate. This is the place where the wealth of India is horded. And look another coloumn !! Same as the one I saw in London what was it... Nelsons coloumn ? And what about the one in Paris, Napoleons coloumn ? And of course theres the one in Rome Caesars coloumn... hmm and in all these major cities too, I think I'm starting to see a pattern here.

Another picture of the palace grounds, I've got to hand it to them the architecture is amazing.

Ok, there is more and I will post them soon. I hope you enjoyed this little insight and that you will join me again on my travels.

Namaste from India, M_EC

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Dude, right nice pics! I can feel the heat!

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Those are awesome..

That pic with superman gave me a good laugh. lol

It looks like a beautiful place, far away from the materialism of the west.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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4 India!! on Sat May 08, 2010 9:49 pm

Hey Monk

Awesome photos......I wouldnt mind living in that there palace! very nice!.

Keep posting pic's, makes me feel like im travelling almost. Cool


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Hi Monk

You have a great eye for photography, wonderful shots.

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6 coolness! on Tue May 11, 2010 8:42 pm

great shots monk!!! you captured the beauty of india for us...

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7 Nice work !! on Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:50 am

hey damien, great shots !!
superman thing was really funny..hehe

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Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting. My favourite line of yours has to be 'Is that a pine cone I see, looks like the one I saw in the Vatican...'!!! Classic!

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