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my experience with this 'unconditional love'

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1 my experience with this 'unconditional love' on Mon May 10, 2010 3:45 pm

It's not unconditional love, I'm convinced that it's not even human. It is the connection of all things, and 'love' may be just how it feels. Like you are melting in your own body, becoming fluid and non-physical, feeling your own existence in all it's purity and divinity. Feeling and becoming aware of it. In this, you become light itself. You become all things. A beacon of light to those who need it. Weights are lifted from the soul and the illusionary fear is absorbed and accepted. There is nothing left. And that means everything. I do not know why it feels this way, or if this feeling is the foundation of all things. We identify it as love because love is the highest order of human emotion we know. If this is the foundation feeling of all connected things, then it must only grow greater in tranquility and serenity. I don't call this feeling love- I call it purity. Though it doesn't matter what you or I call it. Once you put your faith in it, it will only grow as you do. As you are committed to your path you will understand it all. To melt in to the very existence of everything, is the greatest asset as a human being.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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