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Our Paths Are Everywhere!

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1 Our Paths Are Everywhere! on Mon May 10, 2010 3:52 pm

We often feel like prisoners in our own world. Bound by your emotions, these are what control us. When we let these go we are truly free, to feel anything we wish, any way we want to. Freedom is not given. It is found. Letting go of expectation, and worry, our path is not cloudy because our path is anywhere we go.
You may be wondering how I came up with this. There is a kid in one of my classes, who always looks distraught and depressed. I can tell his emotions are deep and he's been hurt terribly. Some things one cannot simply 'get over'. In the times that I've spoken with him, he's hinted at parts of his life that weren't so great and he never has a smile on his face. Today I saw him slumped over by himself staring in to nothing, and I couldn't imagine what was going through his head. His life must be loads tougher than mine. That is what inspired this writing today. Smile I'm not particularly glad that his pain is what brought my inspiration, so I can only hope he finds his peace soon.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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