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    Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:09 am
    Message by dawnsoldier606 - So True hey Mandy... LOL... Finally I found your forum... :)
    I love what you wrote about faith hey. It is true isn't it that as we fall into nothing and we let go in surrender we find the solid ground we seek is not gone out from under us but right there in the seeking all along to begin with.

    That our sadness may be joy, that our sorrows and our cares mold and carve and galvanize our road to all that we ever were in knowing the beyond of merely what we see with our minds or our physical senses or intellects... although part of it maybe, faith is a source beyond all things and yet leading to and in all things...

    Sometimes if we just accept that the power at work within us is there and beyond us and can see our cares already and knows are darkest fears and our lowest lows we learn that we truly are love and can love with all our heart again for and and as just who we are and that who are is beyond what we know anyway... No matter what... Then we let go and we just let ourselves fall apart and accept that darkness we feel and in it we see a light...

    LOL... Such true and beautiful words girl, words of Truth and real Spirit...

    Very revealing and beautiful and a good guide to anyone's truth, no matter what it is...

    Robbie. What a Face geek

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