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Doctrine of Spirit

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1Doctrine of Spirit Empty Doctrine of Spirit on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:14 pm

Spirit does not teach- but, we will learn.

Lower your defenses. For Spirit will only make you climb over your own walls, making the path seem very hard an unnecessary.

Trust in yourself. God is within you, and if you do not trust God, you will fall mercilessly to the lower spectrum of living.

The lower spectrum of living is denial.

When we deny traits of ourselves, they become more obvious- denying a flesh wound will have it open to the world.

In accordance with an open flesh wound, one must cover it and heal it internally and face the pain before the bandages can be removed and the person can throw them away; like the wound was non-existent.

What is there to be afraid of in denial of ourselves? We fear the very truth that will set us free.

Spirit does not wait, but will always be waiting for you.

The mind will bring us to conclusions that will not sit well with us- but as moss seeps down into the well, you will become one with yourself if you give yourself the time.

Divine consciousness is only divine in nature; it is not divine by any means of godliness. It is an oceanic library, once tapped into; the words will arrive on your shore.

Heart and intuition are one in the same; but they do not choose for you.

We choose for ourselves. And when the heart is open to everyone and everything, you are the observer who can choose just that.

There is no one way for you, human. But there are all ways. The universe is not a one way street, but it is many streets overlapped and undermining each other.

I am always with you; for if I am not with you, you would not be with you, for I am you.

If you do not understand something you are presented with in life, do not look for answers in places you do not understand. Look for truth in the only place you know- yourself.

Fear will embody everything you know if you let it. So, turn that fear into love- and the world will look different.

Love with condition is a detrimental thing- though love itself is fundamental to humans in nature.

But, you will and have twisted it around your finger to be another one of the trophies of control you wear.

You will always find me. I will never find you, for I know where you are and what you will become, but the choices you make are solely your own.

Life is not meant to be trodden through like a muddy mountain. It was meant to be lived- free and flowing, like I am myself. Let go of your stranglehold on life and let me carry you to your freedom.

By me, I mean the essence deep within you only you can know and form a relationship with… For when you find me, you find yourself.

You will find beauty in everyone and everything, and may it confuse you, resist the urge to ask why- for this is what I am, and I ask no questions.

Though all are one and all is with god nature; not all are willing to remove themselves from their shackles. I can do nothing except let life play out on its own for that is my very nature, and I could not impede on myself.

Have faith that you will be lead to your greatest happiness; even not knowing what that may be.

To you, the experiences may be good or bad ones...

To me, they are mere experiences. A fatal car accident to a meeting with an archangel is no different to me- a new born child to an old man passing is neither fair nor unfair to me, for I am unconditional.

To stop and think is to contemplate- and contemplating is focus. Focus is balance.

I am deeply in awe of the human race, and how they have accustomed to living. I have no control over it, because I am the life that lives them and breathes them.

Life will play out whether you realize your suffering is strictly your own or not.

All things are meant to happen.

If they should not happen, then they will not. This is determined by your intent alone.

I never depart- but I am a mere glimpse.

The power rests in your hands now.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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