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Ways to Know You are Connected to Source

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1 Ways to Know You are Connected to Source on Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:17 pm

Hi All...I hope this is the right place to post this.

These signs are often mentioned in chatrooms, so I thought this piece from Deepak Chopra's book "Power, Freedom & Grace", would be a good reminder.

.....As we have seen, when you want something to become your life experience, you put your attention on it. So if you want to experience the reality of your soul, then put your attention to your soul. Take your attention off the world of the intellect and the ego, and tune in to your soul. Commune with your soul. Feel your soul Just being in the silence of your soul will connect you with your source. And how do you know you are connected to your source? Certain signs tell you that you are connected, that you are living from the source. And you can monitor your spiritual progress by paying attention to these signs.

The first sign that you are living from the source is a lack of worry. You don't worry about anything, If you're connected to the source, what is there to worry about? So you feel lighthearted, happy. You don't feel obsessive about having your own way, and you don't experience resistance to what is. You experience effortless ease, spontaneity, and no resistance to whatever is happening around you.
The second sign that you are living from the source is the experience of synchronicity and meaningful coincidence. Why synchronicity and coincidence? Because both of these are expressions of the infinite organising power of pure consciousness. Sychronicity and coincidence are orchestrated in the place beyond space, time, and causality-the domain of the soul known as infinite correlation, where things happen at the same time. Chronos means time, and when everything is sychronised in time, or coincidental, then you know it's a message from your soul. [[[There's more on 'coincidence'...if you'd like me to add it I will, but for now, I will move on to the 3rd sign]]]
Lastly, the third sign that you're living from the source is that you know yourself as a creator, not a victim. You realize that the world is a mirror of your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, your interpretations. You know that every situation, every relationship, every event you experience is mirroring something inside you. When you don't like what's happening in your world, you don't try to correct it by looking outside yourself. That would be like polishing the leaves of a plant instead of watering the roots.
If something you're experiencing in life is causing you to be unhappy, you recognize that it's your creation. Otherwise, you stay in the victim mode:Poor me. This is happening to me, and I am powerless to change it. Why wait for the world to change when, in fact you are creating the world? Whatever is happening is because you are creating it, so you ask yourself, [i]What do I need to shift inside of me so this doesn't happen?

No problem on Earth can be solved by addressing it at the level of the problem, but every problem can be solved at the level of spirit. So you go beyond the world of illusion, the mask of appearances, to the invisible world of spirit. In the world of spirit, you find the creator of both the personal body-mind and the cosmic body-mind. At this level, you do not even struggle with the problem; you rise above the problem. And in doing so, you create a new solution.
No circumstance can overshadow the experience of unboundedness that comes from experiencing pure consciousness. And the only way to really experience pure consciousness is to transcend thought and enter into silent communion with your soul.

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