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What I feel of our spirituality

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1 What I feel of our spirituality on Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:04 pm

We are beings in control of our own life. Though we are all guided to God, our choices mark our paths along the way. This is how we remain individual. We have choice. Though no one man can stray from God, for all things are God, a man may live in his own shelter of disbelief that these things are true. He is no better off in a world without God than living in a world full of it, and living in disbelief. In truth, no one ascends to God. Not everyone is a forger of their path. There is no ascension- there is only submission into what is. When you have found what is, then you have found the infinite bliss of existence. In that you will never be chained again to your own beliefs and ego.
In life, it seems that few of us have hit the luck of the draw and have found our place in our existence. Those of us who have seen the light and borrow it from the source now bear it and understand the qualities of life itself. But what of those who have not reached it yet? Remember, it is their choice. Not everyone has experienced the same things and not everyone will. Some will live many lives only to find that the loop does not end, so long as they do not choose to seek truth. Some of us have chosen to accept God in ourselves and are here now.
My own personal belief is that we have no way of choosing where we incarnate in life. We are all differently placed, but evenly spaced. In the eyes of God we are neutral and equal. Our opportunities and our place in life are the same- but our choices are different. Our minds, affected by our environment, give way to limited choices. That is why some whom are trapped in their environment, either of fault or no fault of their own, are in the disbelief or misguidance of what is. They are literally trapped in their mind with know understanding that there is a reality out there waiting for them.
Everyone has an equal opportunity to choose truth. It is whether the world knows this truth is available to them or not. For many centuries, our own choice and ability to believe has been brutally used against us. As humans, we have been made to look as fools, due to the majority of power in small hands. Will this change? That I can't say. Reason being, I don't know. Our destiny is solely in our own individual human hands, and if we so choose to live in the truth of what is, then we can. But it is up to us.
Does God care? No, I don't think so. The All is the All and will live on no matter what we do. We can choose to flow with this beautiful nature or stand against the waves and suffer for the rest of our existence. Like I said, if everyone knew that these were the circumstances, people would change. Life will go on, but because we have choice, we can choose to stay or go with it. Choice is all that matters. For without choice, we would have no choice but to live within God.
That being said, if we let go of our selfish choosing, maybe we have a chance at knowing the awesome power of God and all things? Is that our enlightenment? The choices in my life I have let go of, and I have opened the door to greater things by doing so. Imagine having all things in your absolute greatest good flow in abundance to you, all because you decided to stop being selfish and in control.
It is in your hands, and always has been. You choose to be enlightened. You choose to live freely. God does not choose for you. It is when you throw your hands up and let the light blind you that you find what you have been looking for.
Please, don't think ascension will come and lift you off of your feet all because it is a
prophecy set forth by other people. You will surely be saddened to find that it is not to happen that way. As for why more people are waking up recently, my guess is that it is due to the influence of those who wish for the world to wake up. Who are they? I'm not sure, but my thanks is
out to all forces in our favor. They have changed much in the past years.
I have said what I had to say, now go and figure it out yourselves.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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