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Marcus Dones Domesterus 3-8-2010

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1Marcus Dones Domesterus 3-8-2010 Empty Marcus Dones Domesterus 3-8-2010 on Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:17 pm

This is the most interesting message I've received thus far. Funny, I received it in Latin class, ha!
Is it those who seek the inner power, or dost that power hold you? You are not what you think you see. I am not here for lessons, though. I will tell you more of myself.

I am from Rome, 300 BC. I was a cart runner. I delivered goods and hunted for my family if the wages were low. Rome was not a place of magic and ancient magistry, it was a place of hard work and stress. If you were not powerful then there was no reason to seek it. We had no choice, the gods had place these parameter for us- or so our beliefs did. I lived in alculi. I am Marcus Dones Domesterus. I was killed for seeking power that was not mine. I was killed by my people for seeking the very dream of my people.

So I ask, is it you who seeks inner power, or is it the power held over you? Is it in reach?

None of these questions are relevant to the theme of the message.. For I found my inner power, and it was my drive. My passion. My motivation. And death did not stop me. I have been in peace ever since. You must live life without fear. Do what your passion is, forget everything else. The powers that be outside you will only hold you back.


Okay. There was one word in there I did not understand- alculi. I think it was a test of my skills that it was thrown in there. Surprised

It sounds italian, right? Italian comes from Latin which was the primary language of Rome. Upon typing the word into a translator I got nothing. So I thought it was a place, maybe. I googled 'alculi' and got nothing.

So I then went back to the italian translator, and broke the word up. The root, 'alcul', means any. The ending, 'li', means a person or a place. Put it together, you get any place, any person, etc. So he may have meant "I lived in any place, with any person." So I assume this means he did odd jobs and was a cart runner for whoever would pay. Think, is a cart runner a very stable job? He probably had to go around a lot to support his family.

And also, I assume his search for power may have had something to do with nobility or military status. Something of high regard back then. Keep in mind the social classes there, and how commoners were treated compare the nobility.

Well this is something we all can learn from. Follow your dreams and nothing else.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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2Marcus Dones Domesterus 3-8-2010 Empty channelled on Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:02 am

very cool i channel but not neccesarily personalities that tell me what life they lead before. But just pass on information about development of the spirit and the soul. How we can implement within physical life but also how we can connect and blend. But this is a very cool piece of channelling have you started to work with this personality. Martin Very Happy

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