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1Emotions... Empty Emotions... on Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:34 pm

The aspects of life are the best ones... Why do you think you have come here? Every emotion is important. Every single one plays a role. All things manifest according to your will, so if you wish an emotion to be a certain way, it will be. For example, are negative emotions really 'negative' or is that just your perception of them? How can you know? The memory will remain in your mind, but the emotions can be changed. Well- at the very least, your perception of them. No one can tell you how you feel, they can only observe and misinterpret, much like most of us do with our own emotions. Stop thinking and observe what is being though- you will see the mind as an endless cycle of used ideas. It resists change, because you have adapted to the experiences you have had. So watch it, but also, watch it all float away.. Like it is not there anymore. If you watch you can learn. The thought may keep cycling in the brain, but you, the real you, will see that it is all very simple and that is just how the mind works. Don't try to halt it. Just let it go as the natural flow of everything lets go, and continues moving. Don't be the watched, be the watcher. Then the emotions will not seem so real, but only as attachments the ego will not let go of. Things can harm your identity but they can not harm your self. Since the two are so easily separated and intertwined at the same time, the emotions certainly feel real. And that is what life is all about.. But one can overcome this slowly and surely as they see this is a game of hide and seek with the ego.. The only reason any sorrow or shame, or emptiness is because you are denying your self the love to see through such issues. You cast a shadow which covers the light.. The real undeniable you sees through all of this though, and it knows, YOU know, that there is no reason to feel so helpless at the hand of your own emotions. You can experience them. I surely am not saying to ignore them, but please realize the illusion here. I know most of you do but the mind has a tough time comprehending anything outside of itself, it can barely make sense of what is inside sometimes.

So watch, do not be watched, experience, but do not get lost in such an experience. If you observe your identity you can understand with a deep calmness what is beyond the human mold of thinking...

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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