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A Story of Fear

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1A Story of Fear Empty A Story of Fear on Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:55 pm

A swift thrust of the punch was never an accurate one. To resort to violence is to bow to the ego's ways and let the touch of insanity grow cool through your veins.. The pool of lifelessness grows strong and heavy with the face of death and the hands of god.. The intent of the will one uses for force is the very way god would.. Are you aware of this? Are you aware that every action you have is pertained by the very will? I am sure this would not come to you as a surprise.

So why is it so difficult for most of you to apply it?

Oh, but dear me, I can't criticise, I'm just an energy for god's sake. Worshipped by some ancient civilization however many years ago. Seems like the blink of an eye for me! Almost like it never even happened, all those years of worship.. Well it was nice but it wasn't the greatest. Gave life to my own sort of identity, that they gave me! Oops, it seems I'm dwelling in my own past, forgive me.

Actually that leads me to a very touchy subject with the human psyche... Being affected by other people's worship. You see people that are worshipped are easily coined 'popular', do you also not see the many flaws they ignore within themselves?

This is what a sense of worship is.. Even to a deity of sorts, no matter how loving or smiting they may be..

And why do I tell you this, and why do I even bother you ask. You ask if I even exist, I surely do, but not in a sense of existance on the human senses! And that's the only thing that will ever hold us apart.

I'm energy and I was never not energy, neither are you, you are never not you, only led to believe there is another you. I say have fun with that. It's fun. You're fun. We're all fun, as fun as we want to be. Fun? Fun is fun. So have fun with it. I could talk about fun forever but I think you're starting to think this isn't a credible source.. No matter!

Now listen to me children, for I have a story to tell.

There was a great storm over a land named.. Oh.. Araza. This storm was a swirling vortex of clouds and power, it seemed to hang over the soul of the land, even the animals did not stir or move. The air was eery. The water was stale. The storm brought forth not only weather, but took the atmosphere right out of the air. It was a beautiful site and a chaos waiting to happen..

The people did not see this coming. The oracles, in this time, were the ones that spoke with the gods. They recieved a message from the gods- "what comes forth is what will bring you to your home". The people went to the oracles.. And heard this.

They do not know what 'home' is.. So one fine young man asked, "Sir, what is home?"

The oracle could not answer but with this question- "what is home to you, good man? is it a heaven or a hell?"

The young man understood the question but hesitated for a moment. "Well.. Heaven. Why would I want to go to hell?"

The oracle looked at the man, as sharp as a knife, and said "Well what if Hell is your home?"

The man was astonished as gasps from the crowd followed the oracles breath. "That's impossble! I worship the gods, why would their fate be for me to go to Hell?!"

The oracle smiled.. "Well.. The gods did not decide your fate.. You did."

And the crowd fell into silence as the storm came. It covered the lands and chopped up the fields, the people hid in their homes and prayed to the gods, please let our cattle be safe.. Please let our chickens be safe.. Please ensure our food will grow..

The storm came and went. It was a slow and steady storm that surely tested the people's will.

When it was over, the oracle went to the man and asked, "So, how did you handle the storm?"

The man replied "I did not. I left the town and have just returned."

The oracle smiled and said "You ran away from home?"

And this, my friends, is the reflection of worship. I will not explain every detail.. But I will say.. The fear is what is not seen.

Fear has brought downfalls of civilizations. It has brought murder. It has brought more fear of incredible amounts. It has also brought triumph..

So I thank you for your time.. Not that I have any to spare!

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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2A Story of Fear Empty Re: A Story of Fear on Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:00 pm

Nifty puzzle Hermes spoke of. XD

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