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the path often missed

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1 the path often missed on Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:03 pm

This is not a poem, this is just the way it came out when I wrote it.

The heart is everything,
your purity,
your love,
your beauty.

Everything else coexists
to play as a slave to the emotions..
The heart is the projector.
The world is the screen.

The heart, not the organ,
the purity, not the blood
The wave of stars
Strewn across the sky
Shimmering through the body,
this is the embrace
of life.

Thoughts are not cloudy
because the purity is flowing
through every aware nerve
this energy is as graceful as it is destructive
how it flows or is restricted
determines the state of mind.

You are this,
the ever flowing waves
through the universe.
Fear becomes an option,
not a fate.
Love becomes a realization,
not a desire.
Truth becomes fictional,
because the word cannot express
what wisdom the mind
cannot comprehend.

The body loses it's limits
everything transcends

The mind's concepts can be seen
like black on white
So much that the black on white is an observation,
one becomes aware of the colors.

Everything projects,
from purity inside,
an expression of God

All things
the physical eyes
can never see.

But also,
the need is lost.

The rest is just joy
life becomes enjoyable
without expectations.

And it is here, but logicality and
natural responses
build up our barriers.

The ultimate protection of the identity
the physical;
the ultimate destruction of the soul,
the love.

To overcome these
is the greatest challenge
the one we come here to experience
but many of us leave here without this
running from love out of fear
letting our minds take the throne
being controlled by the world
feeling the safety of society
the stone face of the conceptual god
the spear of hatred wallowing through the skin
like a snake coiled around the heart
sucking the experience dry.

This is how it is to be.
Try and change it if you must,
I would like to see where it takes you.

Nothing can be explained to those who
thrive on beliefs
The conceptual mind is a bottomless pit
that will never be filled,
because it is empty

Void of compassion
full of theory
the empty stare
of a dead man.

It is hard to put into words
I seem to have done it,
I don't think about it
Neither should you.

It comes when it will
if you release your self
all beliefs and pain
release the coiled mind
everything you fear

Just let it go
and let nature flow through you.
No matter what the conditions,
it is possible.

You will never be alone again.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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2 Re: the path often missed on Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:33 pm

Rumor has it, originality is a modern gift of aptitude.

Your head in the clouds and your heart in the sand, the oasis has never seemed so far.

I've buried my solemn peace
In my brain as an instability.

I'll let time eat away at it,
as it always does.

I have seen someone else as different so easily
Why must I try to see them as myself?

It's an eternal torture,

Jealousy is really affection
Covered in denial of true feelings.
To not share the happiness of someone else
is to drown in your own misery.

Any action
without compassion
is a misguided traveler
asking for their way,
refusing to make their own.

If you can accept something in yourself
You can accept the entire world
as a part of you.

A stable mind and heart
goes with the flow
and does not resist it.
To block oneself against a waterfall
Would surely cause one pain,
would cause one death.
And those who do, do not see
the silent killer.
The waterfall of the soul
The clash of energy when emotions have finally
taken the throne.

To let the emotions pass and see them as a reaction
that is beyond your intention, it becomes evident
there is no reason to block their way
but to let them pass
and rediscover the truth under the shell.

To judge yourself through others
is ignorance of what truly is.
And in that, you judge the world.

And that is a vast judgment.
A natural human perception
thwarted by modern beliefs.
A belief can be discarded.
but what comes from inside,
is what makes you.

It becomes a constant contradiction
between the ego and it's master
Neither will win
They must be balanced.

But one will feel what is true
And trust what is beyond
And see their eyes
And what their heads believe.

But truth bursts at the seams.
It does not matter what other things are said.

Humanity is love
Experience is feeling
Essence is wisdom

Beyond the human experience of essence,
you have what you really are.
And it points towards you.
No one else.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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3 Re: the path often missed on Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:20 pm


Wow - is all I can say.

You have put it together beautifully. And it is something I needed to read. Thank you

The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer. - Edward R. Murrow
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