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Expierence You

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1Expierence You Empty Expierence You on Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:43 pm

Beyond the sources of light, you are that which you cannot apprehend.

The hand that feeds the mouth that bites. The continuous machine that resembles a clear path to the numerous endings.

Though, the only ending is the one you choose. Why have many options if you can only choose one?

Redesign the humanity in you so you can show it out of you. So you can share it to those who need it. To the ones who need to break free from themselves and become one with THEMSELVES again.Help them help you, as you help yourself. Feel the connection. The burst of life in every waking moment of the day and every hazing dream of the night. IN a small corner there is as much life than there is an open field. In the palm of your hand exists the power to change the world- will you do it?

The train tracks of the mind have been set. Be the train. Open your mind to the gates of heaven and life. The door to light and dark. The door to YOU. You are always you, the individuality exists within you, never let it go, for you will only find yourself. You can’t lose anything. You can only gain. In a logical sense, you see yourself as growing and aging and one day closer to death, but it is so the opposite. You grow closer to yourself every day. The bond you have with the entire universe and all beings on this planet grows stronger. Do you wish to experience it? I hope you do. For it is here for you .There is no one else but you to experience it and perceive it. Don’t ever let go of this opportunity, it is your for the taking. The open mind can never be too open. Nor can the waters of the ocean ever spill off the earth, this is your heart that needs care and to give.. An open channel of life. An open source of freedom. The ability to take your life and bring it with you, not let your life take you somewhere. You are in the front. You have the wheel.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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