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connections, god and life

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1 connections, god and life on Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:53 pm


Every little thing that we can imagine, and has and will always be, is connected. From the tiny stands of amino acids, to the quasars were all a part of the cosmic dance that is existence. What really makes this bond? Why does it matter if its all connected? I believe this topic, actually answers the 3 main questions we ask: Why are we here? What happens after death? What is god?

Most religions talk about something that has always been there. Some say its energy, some say its god. The bottom line is, in order for it to always be there and for it to always create life again, and again, there has to be birth, and death, and rebirth. Its probably the one constant in the universe. Everything came from one source, whether you call it god, or energy, or elementals, or anything doesn't’t matter, they all essentially mean the same thing, the creator.

Now that said, it would alone mean that everything is connected, if everything is made up of the same thing. Were all made up of elements, that come from the explosions of stars, and nebular explosions, not to mention forces we have barley began to understand.

Now, I think the universe was created by the destruction of another, by a giant black hole. To my knowledge, it’s the only thing in the universe, able to condense matter. The thing is no one really knows what happens inside the black hole. I speculate that one big enough to suck the entire universe, would condense it so small, it would be he size of a state. Now pressure builds in that situation, because its would be unstable. That kid of pressure from the explosion, is enough to fuse and split all of the base matter, and cause it to react with each other. Elements bond, to create molecules, and molecules bond to create a higher form of matter.

After it started to cool, suns were created. Which caused planets to form. The same elements in the planet, and essentially life, are the exact same as the ones in a star, or a comet, or planet. Some are rarer then others, but its all there.
Comets are known to have the 2 essential building blocks for life: Water, and amino acids. Its well known that the wold has been bombarded by debris from space. What most people don’t know, is that the only reason we have moving plates, is because our planet has smashed into, and fused, with one of its moons early in the earths history. The healing scars on top, are actually the plates…..
So to me, and it’s a shocker to think, is that we weren't created to do anything. Life was created by chance. And survives by chance. The universe works in the now, not past present and future. Therefore out earth does, and we do.

So now, that is our real connection. Were all made of the same thing.

Now, its been known for a while now, that everything has a vibration to it, a certain frequency. And also, hat all matter is made of of energy, which cannot be made or destroyed. The universe has the same frequencies as the planet, and so does everything on the planet.. If this is true, it would suggest that everything from the movement of the planets, to super novas have an effect of the planet, and us. Think of the butterfly effect. It doesn't’t apply to just people, it applies to the WHOLE picture.

The Mandelbrot set, is an amazing fractal. IT shows a grand pattern, and no matter where you look in the patter, and no matter how small, it will always reflect the whole pattern. It goes on forever and ever. That’s how I think of the universe. Humans, as well as rocks, trees, animals, and everything, are a smaller scale version of the universe. And everything inside of us is that as well, into infinity. Deepak Chopra said “ 99% of all matter is made up of 99% empty space. In a word, energy.

Now where does this energy come from? The bid bang, the creator. That energy is the vibration of the universe, that makes it work like a giant clock ( another scaled down version). It runs n giant cycles. This energy is what we would conceder god. Its always been there, it is everything, it guides everything, and has always been there, and created us. Remember, us humans have a very bad habit of putting our faces and ourselves into everything. God isn't some dude in the sky, watching you. It doesn't have a long white beard, and wears sandals. It just is, and it’s the bond between us all.

To me, we are the universe ( god) consciously expressing itself, and therefore, our reality, and experiences, is us consciously expressing itself. As humans, we have choice. WE choose, and learn based on those chooses. We make calculated decisions on them, and plan. This choice, is what sets us apart from the rest of nature ( all animals have something of the like…..) WE have the choice to say this is bad or good, or this is where I want to live. WE even created language, to teach further generations of past mistakes. This is where religion actually comes into play.

Think of the similarities between most of the large religions. The one story of the war between heaven and hell. That story has been talked about in roman ( phaeton), Sumerian , and may other civilizations, including ours. It talks about god, and Satan fighting, and Satan being cast down upon earth. Now think of back then. God was the sun, and something fighting the sun, well something must have blocked the sun, like an asteroid, or comet, and fell to earth. If I was alive back then, and I seen my whole world obliterated by a giant rock in the sky, id make sure I wrote down what I seen.

Around 12 000 years ago, there was a giant ice damn across the south of Hudson's bay. This created a vast fresh water lake, that stretched from NW Ontario, Winnipeg Manitoba, and mid, eastern Quebec. Global warming caused the ice damn to melt, which caused a giant tidal wave to rush across the Atlantic. This caused the black sea to be created, caused the UK t be mostly separated from Europe, and flooded the Mediterranean region as well. It added around a mile of water from where it originally was.

All the stories in the bible, including the story of Jesus, was actually taken from all other religions before Christianity/catholic. The bible most use today, and even the Qua ran, were all a compilation of all other holy books before. Stories of real events that have been passed down fer 10 or 15 thousand years. Fact, to history, to story, to myth, to legend, to religion,….

Everything in life, from us, to our history reuses, and repeats itself in different forms. The universe is one giant recycling center, and so is the earth, so our our bodies. For the most part we are as well. Even animals don’t waste,. Life found a way to get rid o EVERYTHING its created. Even life on this planet itself.
Change created our way of life today, and it will define our future. Whether that is a giant extinction event, to climate change, to a paradigm shift. Change is always happening, whether that’s age, birth, death, personal change, or change in the universe.

To me, everything from both sides of the spectrum, are talking about the same thing in the end. There is no reason to be fighting, or saying who is wrong, and who is right. No reason to be worried about dying, and no need to be worrying about living. We are here, we choose what we do, and what happens to us. We in many ways control the world, form the individual, to the collective. Each piece of life controls this reality. We all have our spots to be and our roles to play, so doesn't’t it make more sense to let all life have its own space, then taking it all for ourselves?

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