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Ramblings of The Higher Self

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1Ramblings of The Higher Self Empty Ramblings of The Higher Self on Tue Mar 09, 2010 6:37 am

I had this on another site and it became well liked so I thought it would go great here. What a Face

" Here is what I don’t understand. Anything. But that does not mean I know nothing. One can try and change the world but one will always remain unchanged. Now, let me ask you this, do you have any idea who you are? Or is it others who know you best? I certainly hope not. And I certainly hope you are not letting others make a statement worth judging yourself by. Take a breath. Let it all come out as one. Fragments are unhealthy. The Spirit does not like fragments. The universe does not like fragments. Hell, God did not create you to be fragmented. We ARE. Shush and let me speak some more. For I have much to say. Do you listen to your heart? “No, I do not listen to my heart. My heart does not speak!” Oh give me a break. The heart speaks just as much as your foolish little mouths do. It will talk to you and tell you if you are right or wrong. It will guide you, just as I am doing. If you do not listen to your heart then you will accomplish nothing. You will find yourself in the most unworthy of places for your glorious being. You will be shooting up junk and taking dives out of moving air vehicles for the sensation you COULD BE HAVING just by realizing your heart and love are here right now. But I digress. This world has made a fool of itself, and I do not mean Mother Earth, why she is a beautiful and most loving mistress and she always have been. If you do not realize this then turn the effing TV off and look outside. That beauty wasn’t put there by YOU, was it? No. Mother put it there. She fills your mouth with food when you are hungry. Learn some respect. Do I sound angry? I apologize, dear children, but I am most angry with the things happening here. I do not like the situation you all are in. I wish things were better, but again, you are the master of your own class and YOU make the mistakes. One thing you could do to heal is stop dead in your tracks. Do not think. Find the calling within you who will make your path a much less steep slope. The bulldozer of life, hahaha! It is YOUR glorious soul that will make such an impact on the face of reality! Please children. Here me. I want you to know that the more alone you are the less loving you will be. The more alone you THINK you are. Don’t be so foolish as to put yourself in that situation. HEAR MY WORDS. You will not change if you do not allow yourself to. Do not sit there and say “oh, I’ve heard this all before, tell me something I don’t know.” Sorry. Can’t do that. You know everything there is to know. The farther you make yourself deny this well the more it will come true. Children. Please. Give me a break. Give your souls a break. Give your heart, mind, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, dogs, cats, fish, petunias, chairs, bosses, computers, fellow youtube followers a break. We need it. This break will create that gap that you can either jump in or jump over. Choose the latter, Ok? Make it worth your while. And take a rest sometimes. You are loved and always have been loved. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about the situation you are in except LOVE IT. And if you have any questions, look in the mirror. I am the higher self. I am YOUR higher self. I am the master knowing. But really, who am I? I am everyone. I am the love that stares you in the face and watches you suffer and only wishes you realize it is I standing there. I am your liberator. Your Angel. Your guardian. I speak for every single being out there working towards your good. Stop ruining our names with your petty beliefs. I want you to know truth. I want you to be happy. But because of the golden rules, I CANNOT and WILL NOT help you unless you allow it. I weep thinking this and I only wish I was god so I could change it. But I cannot. I am a denizen of light. I am your helper. Please, call out to me, I want to help. If you have gotten this far in reading then you have gotten past my anger. Good on you. The ones who look away and say this is fake have still not accepted whatever it is they are seeking. Spread your love. Spread whatever it is you wish to feel and find it in others and in yourself. WE, the ones you are doing all we can, say this to you. The light is coming. It will wipe it’s hand over this whole planet and cleanse it. Mother Earth has had a tough time dealing with you little jerks. Now you will feel true fear, and true love. Those of you who have accepted love will have no troubles. Hahaha, well isn’t that your choice anyway? Why even listen to my ramblings? Why should I go on knowing that this war with the light is futile? Because. We care. God cares. We LOVE YOU. And want you to be free from these stupid shackles you got yourself all twisted in. Your dear Mother Earth has wept for eternities because of all the pain you have caused her. Please children.. Relax and breath in times of woe. Ask for the help of the light. We will be there. We have always been here. We want you to know us. We love. We love you so much I can’t even explain it to you through the one typing. I can’t even begin to tell you how much love you are going to experience if you just choose to. WORDS are useless now. Do not speak. Just know and feel. Do not change your thoughts, change your being. Change your poor outlook on life. LIFE IS A GIFT. Whether you choose to listen to my rambling, I don’t know. You will all learn love the hard way. We will make you see it. But wait- I thought it was your choice. Oh dear, I’ve gone into a little confusion myself. Well. How embarrassing.

Take this information for yourself. I am not joking. You will see. You will feel. Please open yourself before this time and let us show you. We want you to experience the love first hand before the tragedies and chaos the world may be thrown in to, and is currently experiencing. I tire of my ramble. Please. Do it for your dear Angels and Guides and families that have been with you through it all. I thank you if you have read this far. I only wish the best for you dear souls."

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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