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interesting convo with my 'higher self'

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1interesting convo with my 'higher self' Empty interesting convo with my 'higher self' on Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:45 pm

Oh, higher self, you're such a jerk sometimes. But I love ya. Razz
I'm having doubts again. Someone tell me what this is all for.

What do you think it's all for? Do you think it's a game? (At this moment, I heard a song on the TV play "Life is a one way drive- nothing lasts forever.")

You guys, are so damn clever, could you elaborate?!

Elaborate on what? Nothing? Are you TRYING to confuse us?

No. I just feel like an idiots and I don't know what to listen to- me, my thoughts, or this 'self' I have discovered.

It's all the same thing. You keep separating it.

I'm not trying to.

Of course, but it happens anyway, so you need to deal with it as an illusion, right?

Sure. So what's your point.

My point is, you don't know who I am, yet you're taking my advice. But you don't know what to listen to in yourself, so isn't it the same thing? What if I am just you talking to yourself?

If you are, then I am obligated to call you a bitch/ass.

You can call me whatever you want, it does not change what I am. I am neither you nor me. I am devoid of identity. I guess, I am a void.


I didn't think you'd understand. This is energy, this is what you have requested. This is you calling forth from inside of yourself and connecting to the bigger picture. I am you, but I am also that.

That? As in, without identity?

I suppose. Some call it the higher self, but I (you) think it is a silly term.

OMFG. I have ALWAYS thought it was a stupid term.

Now, on a side note, stop being so frustrated and critical of everything. Stop being retarded (I lack a better, more accurate term.) You're letting the outside gain control of what is inside. Seriously, it is very annoying. Stop listening to external energy, and focus on the heart, the light, the love, the Tao, the ice cream, whatever it is you have come to know and 'love' yourself as. Listen to it. It does not lie. Okay, see, you're thinking, trying to analyze the feeling. How the hell do you expect THAT to work?

I don't.

Then stop doing it.

It's not that easy..

Oh my god, you have got to be kidding me. You're joking- right?


I can't explain your feelings to you. I can, however, describe the line in which all thoughts sprout from- love, and fear. To love is to accept that which has been feared, and to fear is to accept that which is not loved. You can't not accept something, or you wouldn't feel it. So, if you fear it, you have already accepted it considering there was nothing to accept in the first place! All there is to do is acknowledge it. See it as it is. You know what I mean; thoughts. You're such a worry wart and so preserved in self image. You're such a joke.

A joke? Sure. Whatever you say.

I can tell that hit you hard. Why? Do you fear being not what you think you are?

YES. That is the root of everything I fear.

WOW. Are you kidding me right now.


Behind what you think you are, you just are. You keep conceptualizing yourself. You do not see that you could be everything, you only see in black and white. You're so stuck on what you want to be, you have painted the dullest of dull pictures. You are nothing. And, you are and CAN be everything. You are not controlled (nor is anyone) by some force- genetics, DNA, parents, life has NOTHING to do with you. Drop that idea immediately. You are allowed, by your own free will, to be whatever you wish. Anything. You are, and what you think you are is a far cry from that which actually is. Do you understand?

Yes. Why is this so hard to accept?

Jesus.. You're as dull as a brick. You've already accepted it, otherwise you would not believe it. On a final note, you will never truly understand anything. The brain is always changing gears. So do not try, just let it be.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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2interesting convo with my 'higher self' Empty Re: interesting convo with my 'higher self' on Sun Apr 04, 2010 9:38 am

Interesting; your HS is sounding almost like someone else I know of.. You know who I AM TALKING ABOUT! XD

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