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Channeled this in school today. What a Face

'Whatever it is, you will find it in the darkest and lightest of places. It matters not, time or place, might I add. For the realization of what you have found will exceed all amounts of detail. Be humble to your approach in life, and it will humble you likewise. Use the force of your own nature as a guiding light. If we were here to find the same goal in the same way, we would all be exactly the same, would we not? Take your differences and let them guide you home. Whatever your home is. It will always be your state of mind. Your state of mind is the place in which your world resides. It is you. To transcend this, you must see all truths and beliefs with clarity, and see them for their real purpose. This is a different road for everybody, this realization. I nor anyone else can tell you why, how, or when it happens, or if it even will happen. It is completely up to you. If you doubt that, then it is not. It's really just a game when you look at it from here. There is no true 'knowing' in your sense, for the feeling transcends the words. It is a journey that can never be documented or spoken of like the weather.

The truth in your eyes could be just a curious statement in another's. Why go about stating your journey? Give the teachings of what you learn and that will be enough. I haven't said one word of my journeys through life. It truly does not matter.

Your society adores 'sense' and 'common sense' and 'logic'. And these things are all good in a sense, for learning is the base of the human mind. But if one were to accept these as nothing more than a grain of sand on the planet amongst many other sands, then I am sure one could go beyond such 'logic'. It is not all there is. Thee is much more beyond capacity, infinite space.

If one seeks more to life then one may come up empty handed. But those who hold on to nothing have already found more than life itself."

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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