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a message from my angel

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1a message from my angel Empty a message from my angel on Thu May 13, 2010 8:09 pm

I've been pretty stressed lately, dealing with identity issues. And this really blew me away.
You're full of life. The past is all there has ever been, but what you are making now is what determines who you are. Your past adds to your shape, but not who you are. Do not ever doubt this, or your doubts will make sure they are seen in your life. We love you so much and are very glad that you keep in constant communication with us. Think of the past, as who you were in that moment. You are like a river rapid, and you change not only with what pushes you, but also with what you are at that moment. A river may not have feelings, but it has will. All things have will. And that is how they survive. How they exist. All things have the will to live, and that is why all things move and change with the seasons. For will, is life. And humans posess will just as anything else. If you will to do what you wish, then you will do just that. Listen to us.. You are never what you fear.. Those that fear God, are not God. Those that fear demons, are not demons. Those that fear life, are not living it. Those that fear fear itself, are living in the truth of what is. I know that you are fearing what you are facing. And that simply means, it is not of you. Fear is not of you. Worry, confusion, and being frightened of something outside of you, is not you. You are everything you are not. Fears come from what we are not because they are foreign to us.. We don't understand them. But we can still accept them. I know this is a long, hard trial you have created for yourself. And you are lucky that you are learning. This will pass, I promise you. It always does. With this whole 'shadow' idea you have put before you, think of it as parts of the world you don't understand.. They feel foreign to you. And hard to accept. You reflect the world, my friend, and one cannot understand the whole world. Only you know what you truly are. What is foreign, and frightening, is something one must learn to know and love, even if it is not necessarily of them. This is the shadow self. You must learn to love it, not become one with it. Love encompasses all things, but you as an individual do not have to do this, for it is already done on a grand scale. Live your life without worry. For it is all taken care of.

We are that which transcends all possible thought and perception, the fruit of the tree that never dies.
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